Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little long-distance modification?

Could this be attached to the seats with some ratcheting tie-downs from costco?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Destination 1: Cougar Hot Springs

Somewhere between Eugene and Sisters lay a quiet, serene hot spring.
Still rustic, not disturbed by societal inventions and engineering,
the pools are formed by native rock, stone, and bark.

This is where we will spend the first night. The next morning we'll
rise early and cast the McKenzie for our breakfast before moving on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Number Four

The Stock CB650 I mentioned yesterday needs some work. Now, I don't mean it won't ride, or even that it won't ride well. She is just crying for some love. In all this Pacific Northwest winter blunderness I think she may just want to curl up next to me and R2 (my cleverly nick-named, kerosene furnace, named for it's subtle resemblance of the Star Wars Icon), and spend a little time together.

For example; tonight I spent 3 hours sitting on my cooler.It is one of those nifty tail gating coolers with cup holders in the lid that fits a cool can of Pabst smoothly. In one cup holder sat just that; a cool can of Pabst, smoothly. In the other: roughly 50 Q-Tips. Between the two on the lid sat my Ryobi shoplight. The one with the large battery and a swivel head, provided to me almost four years ago by Eliot to a young-man in need of a hobby. On the floor in front of that was a small Tupperware with just enough mineral spirits to cover the bottom of the container.

I spent those hours taking a single Q-Tip, dipping one end in the mineral spirits and scrubing ferociously at the number 4 exhaust header opening, turning the Q-Tip around and wiping off the grease and grime. Followed by a nice smooth sip of Pabst. Repeat 50 times and you've cleaned number four fairly thoroughly and a little around the whole.

All in all, a pretty romantic evening curled up by my CB. And of course completely worth it to spend a few days on the Owyhee casting a fly after a 3 day ride with the best of friends by ones side.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So in order to get fired up I wanted to find some images on the web of motorcycles all geared up with fly rods and I just couldn't find any through a keyword search except for the Ironhorse Caddybag

This is certainly one way to do it that seems... pretty gall-darn sweet. But I don't think my travel budget will allow it. Plus, I think fabbing up custom ones for each bike will be a total pain/great fun project for the next few months.

Two Wheels And A Fly Rod

It's started. "Possibly the best trip ever."
Currently: two bikes, both 1982 Honda CB650's. One Cafe, One Stock.
Destination: Scenic views of barren roads and supple rivers.
Hope: Two more motorbikes and a Tail Vehicle.