Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ArtandSurf - Cycles and Flies

I am real excited to hang with Spencer -
...and that is all i have to say about that.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aaron Jacob Trueb (ha, just realized that doesn't spell A.R.T.)

One of the things I wanted to do was to introduce anyone who may be reading this to everyone who will be participating in this "ride" or "trip", whatever you wish to call it. We have an eclectic group of men that are all coming together, and hopefully, by the questions asked, and the questions answered, you may get a glimpse into who we are, and why we ride.

R`: So Aaron, Two Wheels And A Fly Rod, eh? What the hell does that mean anyway?

A`: To me it means a long open road - hills, the ocean, and grass instead of parking lots and freeways. Stars instead of street lights. Guitars and conversation around the warmth of the fire instead of blank stares into the glow of a TV screen. A long drive with Don Williams and friends instead of the rush hour commute. Sunlight instead of fluorescent.

R`: So what bike will you be riding?

A`:Once in the summer I rode this little Honda in my parents field, I think it's what they call a "100." I gave that throttle all I had, and the next thing I knew the back tire had slipped against the dry grass and I was laying there with a motorcycle on top of me, thinking about how I wanted to get up and do it again. I think I'll take that bike.

R`: Do you believe in Lake Monsters? Rumor has it that Crater Lake has one or two that survived the Alien Spaceship landing there? You think they'd be good marinated in BBQ sauce?

A`: If there is a Lake Monster in Crater Lake, I don't want to eat it. I want to ride that thing! Ok, I have to be honest I have been wanting to shoot something with my wrist rocket, and I plan to bring it on the trip. So, we may end up eating pretty well once we get to Crater Lake.

R`: How do you think this trip will shape your destiny?

A`: It's hard to say, although I do think everything happens for a reason. Or at least, something life-changing can happen to you on any trip you find yourself on. I expect to come back having learned something from the guys on this trip, and loving life even more.

Also, I like to watch this clip from Waiting for Guffman (one of my all time favorite movies), and imagine Corky St. Claire is talking about how our trip came together:

R`: Woah okay, I'm getting a little off track here, with monsters and Destiny and such...tell me more about you? How'd you get wrapped up in this trip, with this random set of banditos?

A`: Well, Rodney and Eliot are really the instigators of this trip, and I've been friends with those guys for a couple years now. For months and months I'd been overhearing conversations about a road trip. I love getting out on the road and camping and all that, but I've never done much riding so I kind of thought the trip wasn't for me. But one night we were hanging out at Rodney's place, the.barrage, and they said I should come along. I've been friends with Officer Hillson for awhile now; we work together - I always know he's there in the morning by the roar of his bike as he cruises in. Nathan Trueb is my brother and my best friend next to my wife. He recently got a nice bike, but I'm sure he'll tell you about that! I'm really looking forward to getting to know Chad, Rodney's brother better on this trip.

R`: So rumor has it your a TAT man? Does that mean tattoo's, are you like an artist or something?

A`: Nathan and I have a rock and roll band we call Tango Alpha Tango, or TAT for short. For sure music is an art, but I don't typically refer to myself as an artist. I play piano, tambourine, and sing a bit in the group. I write a lot of my own songs as well. Maybe someday someone will refer to us as 'recording artists,' but for now I'm happy with Eliot calling us rockers.

R`: Interesting, so how does your music passion fit in with the rest of this gang? It seems all, motorcycles, fishing? I mean really?

A`: Well, whether they are players or not, I am pretty sure all the guys on this trip are music lovers. I've had some great conversations about music with Scott and Rodney. And I've been to a number of great rock shows with Eliot. Plus, in this group of friends, we like to encourage each other's passions. All the things you mentioned are different passions for different guys on the trip. And we really all want to see each other work hard towards those dreams. "I'll be the expediter of your dreams." - call that movie quote.

Q: How about some words of wisdom for the kids out there? Anything to encourage them by? I mean you could be mean and mislead the little ones...actually do..that sounds like fun...!!!

R`: Well, really the words of Jesus have been the biggest encouragement to me throughout my life. One thing he said I like to try to live by is "Don't worry about tomorrow, because today as enough trouble of it's own." I would encourage any kid out there young and old, to take your own hard look at what Jesus had to say about life and himself. It might change your life, it did mine.

R: If I get the time, would you mind if I stopped back by the studio and asked you some more questions?

A`: Any time. Just call me up!

~Well, that's just a little look into who "T-rueb" is. Based on his questions, and the fact that I emailed him these questions, yeah yeah yeah, no studio involved it just makes me feel awesome to say that, I think there will probably be a little follow up on some of his answers before we hit the road on June 17th. And you can be sure that we will follow up with him after this trip~

Feel free to check out Tango Alpha Tango a little more by following these links:

Google Image Search:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's All Starting To Come Together

Update: Last night, May 15th, we ended up getting together at Aaron Trueb's house to discuss the remainder of the trip. (This was previously going to be at Finchasers) We did a lot of talking, and planning and dreaming, just very little regarding our trip. The time was well spent. Even had Joe show up on his Yamaha with a beat up seat, and of course we tried to talk him into going. He's a maybe..but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We now have 6 confirmed members as of yesterday, where previously there were 3. The first and original 3 we have riding are: Rodney Lucas (that'd be me), Eliot Sprague, and Aaron Trueb. Yesterday, these three made their intent to ride official as well: Scott Hillson, Nathan Trueb, and Chad Lucas. And we still have 3 invitations with an RSVP of maybe: Mike Peterson, Joe Barker, and Ryan Kunkleman.

So far, we have very little figured out completely, and we leave in T-31 days. What we do have figured out, and what remains tentative, is looking like a lot of fun. The first night we plan on leaving as quickly as everyone can get off of work. Hopefully not later than 6pm. Our destination? The appreviously mentioned Cougar (Terwilliger) Hotsprings.

Everything after the first night at this point is tentative based on majority rider approval. We're all a bunch of pretty laid back guys, so I don't expect any disagreements here. You can check out the potential route here:

The last night will be spent in Brookings with our friends at where hopefully we can get a good shower and relax before a long drive home the following day.

Stay tuned later for an introduction to the riders of "Two Wheels And A Fly Rod".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Postie Post And Too Tight of Pants

This is not what we are doing...but it looks like a ton of fun!

Thank you Bruce Brown

Friday night, May 15th, the "Two wheels and a fly rod" lot will be getting together at Finchasers to discuss the remainder of the trip. Hopefully we'll be able to wrangle the last few pansies who have yet to commit, into signing up for THE BEST TRIP EVER!

I figure with some of the.barrage.ale, some of Eliot's delicious ribs, and Bruce Brown's "On Any Sunday" should be a great enough selection. If that isn't enough, perhaps the excitement of those of us that are going will coerce the remaining few!