Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Number Four

The Stock CB650 I mentioned yesterday needs some work. Now, I don't mean it won't ride, or even that it won't ride well. She is just crying for some love. In all this Pacific Northwest winter blunderness I think she may just want to curl up next to me and R2 (my cleverly nick-named, kerosene furnace, named for it's subtle resemblance of the Star Wars Icon), and spend a little time together.

For example; tonight I spent 3 hours sitting on my cooler.It is one of those nifty tail gating coolers with cup holders in the lid that fits a cool can of Pabst smoothly. In one cup holder sat just that; a cool can of Pabst, smoothly. In the other: roughly 50 Q-Tips. Between the two on the lid sat my Ryobi shoplight. The one with the large battery and a swivel head, provided to me almost four years ago by Eliot to a young-man in need of a hobby. On the floor in front of that was a small Tupperware with just enough mineral spirits to cover the bottom of the container.

I spent those hours taking a single Q-Tip, dipping one end in the mineral spirits and scrubing ferociously at the number 4 exhaust header opening, turning the Q-Tip around and wiping off the grease and grime. Followed by a nice smooth sip of Pabst. Repeat 50 times and you've cleaned number four fairly thoroughly and a little around the whole.

All in all, a pretty romantic evening curled up by my CB. And of course completely worth it to spend a few days on the Owyhee casting a fly after a 3 day ride with the best of friends by ones side.


  1. I want your camera. It makes the whole engine sparkle like new. It didn't look that rad when I left your garage yesterday.

  2. Camera was my iPhone with the above mentioned shop light shining in at it. It also helped that I spent a long time cleaning parts of it. There is a lot left to do.