Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's All Starting To Come Together

Update: Last night, May 15th, we ended up getting together at Aaron Trueb's house to discuss the remainder of the trip. (This was previously going to be at Finchasers) We did a lot of talking, and planning and dreaming, just very little regarding our trip. The time was well spent. Even had Joe show up on his Yamaha with a beat up seat, and of course we tried to talk him into going. He's a maybe..but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We now have 6 confirmed members as of yesterday, where previously there were 3. The first and original 3 we have riding are: Rodney Lucas (that'd be me), Eliot Sprague, and Aaron Trueb. Yesterday, these three made their intent to ride official as well: Scott Hillson, Nathan Trueb, and Chad Lucas. And we still have 3 invitations with an RSVP of maybe: Mike Peterson, Joe Barker, and Ryan Kunkleman.

So far, we have very little figured out completely, and we leave in T-31 days. What we do have figured out, and what remains tentative, is looking like a lot of fun. The first night we plan on leaving as quickly as everyone can get off of work. Hopefully not later than 6pm. Our destination? The appreviously mentioned Cougar (Terwilliger) Hotsprings.

Everything after the first night at this point is tentative based on majority rider approval. We're all a bunch of pretty laid back guys, so I don't expect any disagreements here. You can check out the potential route here:

The last night will be spent in Brookings with our friends at where hopefully we can get a good shower and relax before a long drive home the following day.

Stay tuned later for an introduction to the riders of "Two Wheels And A Fly Rod".

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