Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aaron's Bike Path

We all take different paths to our first two-wheeled purchase. I'm not talking about rambling a pedal bike down a creek drainage for the first time, though the title suggests it. And I'm not talking about the '68 Rok-on that you saddled up every time you went to your cousin's farm. I'm talking about the first time the conscious decision was made and the dear cash handed over in exchange for internal combustion between two tires. When friends tell me that they want to buy their first motorcycle I tend to calculate an instant power-to-weight ratio of sorts for the rider's weight, body-type and physical ability, etc. What usually comes spilling out is a bike that is controllable and fun enough to never out-grow. But just tonight, I read an old blog from one of the Cycle World writers and I am reminded that not everyone's path is the same.


by Keith May

I am just realizing, but Nathanwide and his CB100 already understand, that sometimes it's better to just ramble along. You get to see more trees, more leaves, and take more time to stare down that Douglas Squirrel in the middle of Camp Sherman Lane. There is more experience in the world around the pavement and maybe more freedom, but even if I'm wrong about that I now believe I need to make room in my stable for smaller bikes.

So why did I decide yesterday that this was the next addition to my fleet? It only comes in that yellow and I still want it... unless I find a mid-70's XL250 before Aaron.

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  1. One day~ some day~ I too will make a first purchase.....hhmm.....