Friday, June 5, 2009

Nathan Wide

R: Nate, I hope you saw the "interview" I did with your brother. Same style. Feel free to answer them any way that you like. You can be serious, or nervous, or just down right wacky. The idea is to give our readers an idea into who we are, or who we want them to think we are.

R: Cool?

R: Okay, here we go

R: So Nate? Nathan? Natey? Frank? What do you prefer to go by?

N: Usually people call me Nathan, and sometimes Nate. That's about it. Not too exciting. Maybe the trip will be a good place to receive a nickname.

R: Cool, so I guess we should start by asking who you are, and why I'm doing an interview with you?

N: I am Nathan Trueb. I'm a musician who lives in Portland that likes all things vintage, including motorcycles.

R: Okay, so that's cool and all, but really, in the big scheme of things...who are you? I mean as it pertains to the universe.

N: Dust in the wind... right? Did I get it right?

R: So I think everyone knows what this trip is and where we are going. How'd you get hooked up with me and Eliot for this trip. I don't even think I know how you got roped into these shenanigans..

N: Eliot definitely coaxed me into going. We were hanging out welding a statue of a large-mouth-bass and taking copious amounts of Peyote, and it hit me... my whole life has been leading up to this trip. Oreo, his pet chicken, squawked in a way that spoke volumes of knowledge, knowledge from the future, and that future involved three things: hot springs, men, and fried trout. That's when I knew.

R: Wow, okay men and fried trout eh? Not my thing but okay... so what is your goal for this trip? Anything profound or are you just coming to ride bikes and drink beer?

N: I hope to discover a part of Oregon that has not yet been discovered. I've been trying to bone-up on my cartography skills, and I've also read Sun Tzu's, "The Art of War", 7 times... just in case.

R: Whats your lady friend going to do while you are gone? Are you going to call her while you are gone?

N: She will probably be hard at work fixing a hole where the rain gets in. Yes, I will call her, as my service allows.

R: Ha, leave the lady to do the mans work huh?
So the other day we were hanging out at the.barrage, and you were wearing cut off jean shorts. Whats up with that? Are you trying to make some sort of retro statement or something?

N: I actually hate wearing shorts. I don't know if it's due to some traumatic experience that I have repressed, but what I do know is that I would rather where cut-off jean-shorts than any other kind of shorts, and I have no idea why.

R: Okay, switching gears here. We're on the road-trip, and the world ends, or at least life as we know it. No phones, cars stop working, but motorbikes still work. We have to stick together or die. What do you do? What skills do you have that keep you alive?

N: Funny you should ask. I'm an expert with toddlers, and I am working on a shot that gives friends the flu... as a joke.

R: Also, are you wearing underwear...

N: ... ...

R: no..? weird, but okay.

R: So hows your music career coming? Tell us more about that?

N: I am making a living playing and teaching and that is more than I
could ask for. My favorite part of my music career is making music
with the band Aaron and I started called, Tango Alpha Tango. We are
always recording and playing live, which is really great. The only
thing that we haven't done much of is get on the road. I feel like I
was one of the few people made for a life on the road. I love
traveling in vans/buses around the country playing music. It's what I
hope to do. A lot of musicians that "make it" always complain about
life on the road... I don't think I would be one of those people.
Maybe that's another reason why this trip sounded so appealing...
because I have never done a road trip with motorcycles, camping, and
fishing, etc.

R: You are really taking some time away to come on this trip then, you could be
writing music or practicing. Is this going to hurt you going into the
summer, or do you think ti's going to help?

N: It will help. It's always a good thing to "take a break" from the
monotony of life. Often times when I'm forced to do that, like going
on a trip like this, I come back to music, and my instrument with a
very fresh approach, and new ideas. Of course, I'm sure we'll have an
acoustic or two, so I won't be completely removed, I guess.

R: Can I play the mouth harp in one of your songs?

N: No. Well, maybe, what do I get out of the deal?

R: get to have me play the mouth harp in one of your songs....nevermind?

R: Do you think you'll figure out how to plug motorcycles into your next
album? either in lyrics, artwork, or as an instrumental? I have to say,
throwing some motorbike in somewhere might give you a bit of street cred!

N: Not sure if there will be any motorcycle references... you know the
last album had a line,

"I heard from the man who reads the polls,
That you still had a motorcycle of a soul"

From- "I Have Stopped Thinking About You"

R: Cool, well I'm hungry, and you're kinda boring, so whats one last thing you
want to say to all of our hip followers?

N: Well, just so you know I'm watching you, literally. Right this
moment. And no, you don't look good in your wife's heels.

R: Haha, well that's great... Well thanks for your time Nathan. We'll look for you on the road!

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