Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Long Winding Road

And so we go. The six, we go. Four riding high. Two riding low. A late start, but hospitable. Pizza, and a "don't forget to pee before you go.".

Fiddling with gadgets and I'm questioning how much of a break from reality this truly will be. Videos and cameras, iPhones and Twitter. How can I share with the world when I'm trying to get away.

A long road. Salem. Then, Albany. A missed turn and...

...there it is. "did you see that sunset?!", he screams after rolling into camp. It's dark now, the camp host wishes a fun, but quiet night. A hollar..."then, that's all came pouring out and I realized I was I mean. Right there in Dallas as you turn toward the west. The sun was setting right then. Pouring golden rays across the valley floor.

It's dinner now. Dogs. Not on the open fire tonight though. No real wood could be found. They said you could find some across the street at John-boys, but he too must be lost.

We did well I think, to pick this spot. Nestled in close to the Alsea river. We are probably only 20 mikes from Waldport as the crow flies. It's getting late. We are stoked to be on the road, in the quiet place.

Update: 12:07 a.m. Day 2:
I had a longer day than most, having risen at 5am. So naturally I'm the first to bed. I've got a lump under my bed. This ground is no where near even. The 5, they sit around the fuming fire, quiet yet bristling with joy and muffled laughter. They have respect for the other two campers in this 20 site campground. I'm out, sooner than I thought.

Update: 1:47 a.m. Day 2:
It's loud outside and I don't know why. It's not coherent yet. I have to wait for the scene to settle in my mind, for those gears to start turning. I look at my clock. I've only been out an hour or so. What is that ruckus?
I hear people. Are they my people? Part of us 6? I hear music, a guitar, we brought a guitar, it must be at least one of the Truebs.
Then it comes into focus. Nathan Wide is playing his guitar and singing. It's a beautiful sound when you adjust after the wakening. 10 more minutes and I'm out.

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