Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Un-Answered Prayer to The Motorcycle God's

I'm not sure what it was that lead me to this. It could have been the ill timing, my inexperience, or rushing to get things done. Some how I tightened a bolt so tight that I broke (1) easy out, (5) black oxide bits, and devoured (4) grinding heads, and it is still locked in there. I prayed to the motorcycle god's, and recruited help from a friend, and after 12 or more labor hours on that bolt we finally called it quits last night so I could rest up for the big day.
Sunday night, the Captain's wife said to him, that maybe we should take this as a sign. That maybe this happened to save us from something terrible. Not quite the words one wants to hear from a family member. It was quickly shrugged off, and back to my bolt I did go. Two days ago I had readied myself for the possibility, or perhaps the reality, that I would be spending much more time with the Fly Rod, than with Two Wheels on this trip.
It's not as though we are taking an extra vehicle. A follow vehicle, and a trailer with a CB100 on it, was always the plan. My younger brother was slotted to drive the truck and trailer. He has considerably more experience than the other two with a trailer, but still less than is desired. As well, yesterday, my brother (whom just moved to Oregon from California) was told by a very friendly police officer, that he was not legal to drive in Oregon. Without getting into specific details, he could no longer drive the truck on the trip. Just the sign I needed. At that moment I realized that perhaps the bolt did break for a reason, but not to keep us from impending doom. But rather, to enable 3 other men to enjoy what will be a most spectacular trip.
Had my bolt not broken, and I was able to ride my motorcycle, I would be rather upset in the current situation; being torn between riding, and towing the trailer. But as it stands, I must resign myself to destiny, to actuality, and for the greater good of the other men on the trip.
I threw in my helmet and gear this morning, just in the off chance that I may be blessed with some riding time, on a bike that is not my own, on this wonderful first of summer trip.

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