Monday, June 8, 2009

You Are My Hero

Too much food;
My Lady;
My bike;
My hero;

It was a busy day. Attending an event of the religiously organized only to hear a kid scream while a man in a goatee was pouring out edification, all the to sucker punch a 20 something female in the face for gabbing on about the kid screaming while a man in a goatee was pouring out edification. This isn't the religiously organized event for me.
From there, a stop, for gas, a bottle of water...why'd you drink it all?
Over the St. Johns bridge the Willamette was wonderful, serene, wet, but the sun was trying to sneak through.
We stopped, with great anticipation at the honda shop in Beaverton. It's a bit large for my taste, but the guys seem to be helpful. I purchased new riding gear, black, retro-reflective. I told my wife all I need is a Katana. She asked, "whatever for?" I said, "So I can be a biker ninja!" She laughed, and said she loved me.
While at the store I stopped to look at this. My hero, my love.
The quality is great. Endorsed by some very high end athletes, and the price is very reasonable. I'm curious to know how quickly the batteries charge, and how much real recording time one can get.
This would be the perfect addition to the trip, beyond the other camera I will be obtaining.


  1. I want one of those! Me & my husband were talking about strapping a camera to the top of my helmet, for video to use on my blog! I can't believe you posted that! Love it!

  2. I wonder if you can tie that camera into the bike's electrical system and forego the use of batteries.

  3. I'm sure it can be done, it may need some sort of converter/inverter. But I'd think it would be possible.